March 8, 2017

CETC 公發 ORCA RT系列馬達詳情公佈

CETC 非常榮幸地公佈將於 2017年賽季使用,由 ORCA提供的公發馬達圖片。使用 ORCA旗下最頂級的 RT系列馬達,進角被固定於 30度,再配合電子變速的閃燈模式及限定的齒輪比,令賽事公平之餘亦將十分緊湊。由 Sunpadow三圈霸道冠名的 Stock組別將使用 13.5T ORCA馬達,而由 Serpent蛇仔冠名的方程式組別則會使用 21.5T版本。公發馬達將隨首次報名附贈。

March 8, 2017

Introducing the ORCA CETC Spec RT Series motor

The CETC is very pleased to show off the handout spec motor from ORCA that will be used for the 2017 race season. Using the awesome ORCA RT Series motor, the timing has been fixed at 30 degrees to give good on track performance and close racing thanks also to the use of blinky mode ESCs and a fixed gear ratio. For the Sunpadow Stock class racers will use the 13.5T ORCA motor while for the Serpent Formula class racers will utilise the 21.5T variant. The motors will be included in your first entry at the CETC.

March 3, 2017

由 Infinity冠名的 CETC聯賽將於中國正式啟動

Red RC China 隆重宣布首屆 CETC 華人電動房車錦標賽即將揭幕。本年度的四場電動平路車聯賽將於中國東部及南部的專業場地上舉行。得到電房車壇新力軍 Infinity的全力支持,Infinity 冠名 CETC 將在三月底於廣州的 AMA室內車場舉行首場賽事,此後將會移師廈門,緊接著將去到東部的上海,最後一站則會在香港舉行。賽事同時得到 Serpent 三圈霸道電池的鼎力贊助。本系列賽將包括 Modified房車組別,Pro Stock房車組別及方程式組別,所有組別均使用公發的 Sweep Racing 輪胎,而 Pro Stock及方程式組別亦會使用由 ORCA提供的指定馬達。

除了安排一系列經專業團隊所組織及報導的錦標賽外,本系列賽的宗旨在於推廣 RC這項運動,令其能夠在中國這個新興市場中健康成長,與此同時起著陪育及為年青一輩有天份的車手在進軍國際舞台前提供一個前期訓練的平台。感謝本系列賽贊助商的支持,承諾於本季度的賽事派出旗下世界級的外藉車手參賽,他們不單起到示範的作用,同時亦會為本地場員解答設定上的問題並為有興趣的賽員提供技術性講座。

第一場 – AMA 室內車場, 廣州 (3月 25至 26日)
第二場 – ARC 國際車場,廈門 (6月 3至 4日)
第三場 – RCI V2, 上海 (7月 15至 16日 22至 23日)*
第四場 – Twin RC Speedway, 香港 (9月 23至 24日)

由 Infinity呈獻的 2017年度 CETC將於國內頂尖的場地舉行。揭幕戰定於 3月 25至 26日在中國南方,目前中國最大型的室內瀝青場地,全新的廣州 AMA室內車場舉行。在6月 3至 4日舉辦的第二站將移師室外,在本年度 IFMAR 電越世界賽的主辦場地,令人贊嘆的廈門 ARC國際車場內舉行。7月 22至 23日的第三站賽會將東移至上海,來到世界知名的 RCI V2室內地毯場地作賽。9月 23至 24日的第四站將再一次迎來一個全新的場地,香港目前唯一擁有人造草越野場地及瀝青平路場地的 Twin RC Speedway,這𥚃亦將成為第一屆 CETC總冠軍誕生的地方。

March 3, 2017

Introducing the 2017 CETC presented by Infinity

Red RC China are proud to introduce the CETC, Chinese Electric Touring Car Championships, a 4 round electric onroad racing series that travels along the South Eastern China seaboard. With major backing from EP newcomers Infinity, the CETC presented by Infinity will kick off in late March at the Amazing Indoor Arena in Guangzhou, before traveling to Xiamen, Shanghai and finally Hong Kong. With additional support from Serpent and Sunpadow batteries, the series will cater for Modified Touring, Pro Stock Touring and Formula, all classes to run on handout Sweep Racing tires, with Pro Stock and Formula also using handout spec motors from ORCA.

Not just offering a well organised and presented championship, the series aims to promote & grow the sport of RC in this emerging market as well as nurture and prepare up and coming talent for racing on the international stage. With commitments from our series sponsors, we will have a number of top name international racers at all rounds of the series, who will not only put on a display of driving but who will also answer questions on setup and give workshops to interested racers.

Round 1 – Amazing Indoor Arena, Guangzhou (March 25-26)
Round 2 – ARC International Raceway, Xiamen (June 3-4)
Round 3 – RCI V2, Shanghai (July 15-16 22-23)*
Round 4 – Twin RC Speedway, Hong Kong (Sept 23-24)

Racing at some of the country’s premiere facilities, the 2017 CETC presented by Infinity is set to kick off on March 25-26 at the all-new Amazing Indoor Arena in Guangzhou in the south of the country. Round 2 will take place at the impressive outdoor ARC International Raceway in Xiamen, host of this year’s IFMAR EP Offroad Worlds, on June 3-4 before heading east to Shanghai on July 22-23 for round 3 to the World famous RCI V2 indoor carpet venue. The season concludes September 23-24 with round 4 at another new track, Twin RC Speedway in Hong Kong where we will crown our first CETC season Champions.