September 25, 2017


在香港傍晚的蒙蒙細雨中,由Infinity冠名的CETC聯賽第一賽季成功收官。繼廣州、廈門和上海站之後,香港站的比賽也順利決出了各組別的冠軍,唯一的遺憾可能就是放在最後一組進行的Infinity Modified A組決賽第三輪因下雨而被迫取消。因此A組的成績改為按照積分二取一計算。Naoto Matsukura在廣州AMA首站之後,再度為Infinity車隊拿下亞軍。Awesomatix車手張方洲則依靠第二輪決賽的出色發揮成功地首次登上CETC領獎台,獲得本站季軍。Sunpadow Stock組別的決賽也格外激烈,最終Xpress車手Ian Lee笑到了最後;而在Serpent Formula組別中,Stick King儘管缺席首輪決賽,但依舊毫無懸念地拿下了後兩輪比賽,順利奪冠。

Under light rain and as darkness fell, the CETC presented by Infinity has successfully been concluded. Just as we did in Guangzhou, Xiamen and Shanghai, the Hong Kong round crowned its winners. Unfortunately the final leg of the Modified A-main had to be cancelled due to rain and so the result was based on the best points finish. Having also taken a 2nd place at the season opener at AMA, Naoto Matsukura once again sealed a 1-2 for Infinity while Shanghai driver Rocket Zhang would take his first CETC podium following a good finish in A2. In the Sunpadow Stock class the final leg was hotly contested, with Xpress driver Ian Lee coming out on top while in the Serpent Formula class, although missing the first final because of electronic problems, Stick King would take A2 and A3 to win the race.

年度總積分榜上,兩位Infinity車手包攬了Modified組別的冠亞軍;參加了CETC全部四站比賽的Yokomo廠車手Nicolas Lee獲得第三;Awesomatix車手張方洲以三分之差擊敗Serpent廠車手Felix Law,位列年度第四,這也是中國籍車手在本賽季CETC上的最高排名。CETC「明日之星」勞敏皓獲得年度第六,緊隨其後的是香港王牌Xpress車手賴燦熙。

In the season standings, the two Infinity drivers Akio Sobue and Naoto Matsukura would also take 1st and 2nd in the Modified class. Attending all four races of the inaugural season, Yokomo driver Nicholas Lee would end up 3rd. With a 3 point difference, Awesomatix driver Rocket Zhang would beat Serpent driver Felix Law and he would also be the highest ranking Chinese National driver in this season’s CETC. CETC ‘Rising Star’ Lao Ming Hao would end up 6th with Xpress driver Hay from Hong Kong just behind him.

在Sunpadow Stock組別的積分榜上,Awesomatix車手丁房傑儘管缺席了在RCI車場舉辦的第三站比賽,但在其餘三站比賽中收穫兩場冠軍,力壓香港站亞軍, Xray車手 Yan Cheung,問鼎年度總冠軍。

In the Sunpadow stock class, Awesomatix driver Ding, despite missing the 3rd round at RCI but having managed to win 2 of the 3 races he attended, would take the overall title beating out Xray driver Yan Cheung who finished 2nd.

Serpent Formula組別的總冠軍屬於Stick King,而與Nicholas Lee一樣出席了全部四場比賽的Ryan Lam獲得本賽季亞軍,徐梓洋獲得季軍。

In the Serpent Formula class the title would go to Stick King, with Ryan Lam, who like Nicholas Lee attended all four rounds, taking the runner up spot. 3rd place would go to Xu Zi Yang.

在頗受關注的Arrowmax華人電房Modified組別積分榜上,Nicholas Lee已經在上海站提前一輪鎖定總冠軍;上海車手張方洲則依靠本次香港站的出色表現將個人排名一舉上升到第二名;Serpent廠車手Felix Law獲得年度第三。在各大獎項塵埃落定後,由Infinity冠名的CETC聯賽第一賽季順利落下帷幕,但今年僅僅是「華人房車冠軍聯賽」的開端,明年CETC賽會將會努力為大家呈現更精彩的賽事,新的賽程表與規程將很快公佈在CETC官方網站上。

In the Arrowmax Chinese Modified standings, Nicholas Lee had already confirmed he was the Champion following the 3rd round at RCI with Shanghai based driver Rocket Zhang making a leap in the points standings, thanks to his good finish at this round, to take the runner up spot. Hong Kong driver Felix Law took the final podium spot in 3rd. With all the championship titles decided, the first season of the CETC presented by Infinity has officially come to an end and the organisers are already busy planning for next season, details of which can be found on the CETC website in the coming months.

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