September 24, 2017


由Infinity冠名的CETC聯賽第一賽季最後一站在香港Twin RC Speedway完成了第一輪決賽,Infinity廠車手Akio Sobue在發車之後一馬當先,而二車Nicholas Lee與三車Naoto Matsukura的碰撞引發了後車集群的一連串事故。在幾乎沒有壓力的情況下,日本王牌輕鬆巡航獲勝,距離CETC首個年度總冠軍僅有一步之遙。Sobue的隊友Naoto Matsukura在與Yokomo廠車手Nicholas Lee的碰撞後率先恢復過來,最終以第二名收車。因碰撞而導致車殼被卡的Lee則經歷了一番苦戰,從第七名追回到第三名完賽。除去三位國際級車手,剩餘A組選手的競爭顯得極為激烈。Awesomatix車手張方洲在倒數第四圈於感應線前的彎道走內線超越Xpress車手賴燦熙,最終以1.3秒的優勢領先衝線,獲得第四。Serpent廠車手Felix Law則落後Xpress王牌0.4秒收車,名列第六。

The first round of finals at the season finale of the CETC presented by Infinity at Twin RC Speedway has just finished and it was Infinity factory driver Akio Sobue who took full advantage of a crash between 2nd place starter Nicholas Lee and Naoto Matsukura which set of a chain reaction of crashes that affected most of the chasing pack. So without any pressure the Japanese ace won the race with ease and is now only one step away from taking the inaugural CETC season title. Sobue’s team mate Matsukura recovered after the clash with Lee and would finish the race in 2nd place. The first lap incident caused a body tuck for Nicholas Lee, making the start of his race a nightmare, however he kept pushing and would end up in 3rd. Behind the 3 international racers the remaining drivers were involved in an intense battle. Awesomatix driver Rocket Zhang was able to pass Xpress driver Hay 4 laps before the end of the race and took the 4th place with a 1.3 second gap over Hay. Serpent factory driver Felix Law was another 0.4 seconds behind and classified 6th.


With victory clearly in sight, Sobue described his first run as having ‘no pressure’, and was able to start cruising very early in the race. Only five minutes away from being the series champion, the plan for the Infinity driver in the 2nd final is ‘a set of new tires and to push for the victory’

「太難了」,Naoto Matsukura認為自己很難有機會勝出這場比賽進而染指年度桂冠。他進一步解釋說,「賽道太窄了,只有Akio犯錯,我才有機會」。談到與Nicholas的碰撞,Infinity車手立即回應道,「我停下等他了」,但結果是「我很快被後車撞了」。對於下一輪,和Akio一起在驗車區買新胎的前電房世界冠軍說,「先超過Nicholas,然後等待機會」。

‘Too hard’ was how Naoto Matsukura described his first final, saying it was very hard for him to win the race and become Champion. He would go on to explain that ‘the track is very narrow and only when Akio makes a mistake will I have a chance’. Talking about the first lap crash with Nicholas, the Infinity driver replied instantly, ‘I did stop and wait for him but I got hit from behind’. Talking about the 2nd final while queueing to buy a new set of Sweep handout tires, the former World Champion said ‘I need to get past Nicholas and wait for my chance’.

「我被Naoto撞了,但沒有任何判罰」,Yokomo廠車手頗為沮喪地說道,「我的車子很好跑,但一起步就輸掉了比賽」。對於下一輪Nicholas Lee說他一定會想辦法更好地處理好發車階段。

‘I got hit by Naoto, and there was no call from the referee’,  was how the Yokomo factory driver described his start, obviously still a little upset, continuing ‘my car was really good but I lost out right at the beginning’. With regard to the next round of finals, Nicholas Lee said he will try his best to have a better start.

將第一輪的目標定義為「安全完賽」的張方洲對第四名的成績很滿意,「第一圈很混亂,但我的運氣還好」。談到自己的Awesomatix A800X,上海高手說車子「有點推頭」,但不準備做設定上的調整,「第二輪我只會換上新胎」。

With the goal of ‘finishing the race safely’, Rocket Zhang was very satisfied with his 4th place result, ‘the first lap was chaotic but my luck was good’.  Talking about his Awesomatix A800X the Shanghai ace said ‘it pushed a little bit’ but he will not make any changes, ‘I will only change tires for the 2nd final’.

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