August 18, 2017

CETC Rd4 entry now open

由 Infinity冠名贊助的 CETC組委會非常高興宣布,將於 9月 23-24日在香港 Twin RC Speedway舉行2017年度的 CETC最後一站,現已開始接受報名。是次的盛事估計將吸引大批本土車手出席,外地的星級車手亦將悉數而至,大家將一同迎接 CETC首個賽季的完結,並見證各級別總冠軍的誕生。本站的報名截止日期將定於 9月 14日,我們亦會於稍後時間公佈本次官方的指定酒店、大巴接送等具體安排,請大家密切留意 CETC的專屬網站公告。

有興趣參加 CETC第四站的賽員可按這裡填寫參賽表格。

The organisers of the CETC presented by Infinity are pleased to announce that entries are now open for the 2017 season finale to be held in Hong Kong at the Twin RC Speedway from the 23rd to the 24th of September. Set to be a great event, we expect a very strong regional entry, as well as more star drivers from further afield, as we wrap up our first season and crown our series champions. With entries set to close by the 14th of September, in the coming days we will publish further information concerning the official hotel and the free shuttle service to and from the track.

Racers interested in attending CETC Rd4 can enter the event by filling in the form here.