July 23, 2017

JJ Wang巡航勝出事故連連的首輪決賽,Felix成功守住第二位

由Infinity冠名的CETC聯賽上海站進入決賽階段,在Infinity Modified組別A組首輪決賽中,TQ選手JJ Wang得以在發車後迅速脫離後車,並在後車事故不斷的情況下建立起巨大的領先優勢。最終Xray廠電車手得以巡航取勝,而Serpent廠車手Felix Law則在一番苦戰後脫穎而出,在Yokomo王牌Nicholas Lee的巨大壓力之下以不到半秒的優勢成功守住了第二名的位置。在認為自己「運氣不佳」的新加坡高手之後,Awesomatix廠車手張方洲落後0.38秒衝線,獲得第四名。二、三、四名車手之間的差距不到一秒。一度排名第二的Xray小將勞敏晧最終落後Yokomo廠車手王海峰不到一秒完賽,獲得本輪第六。

Following the final two qualifiers in the morning, the finals at RCI V2 in Shanghai finally got underway. In the opening modified class A-main TQ driver JJ Wang pulled away right from the start and was able to quickly build up a large lead while the rest of the field had a rough start following an early coming together. In the end the Xray factory driver cruised to the win ahead of Serpent team driver Felix Law, who following a tough battle emerged in 2nd place while under huge pressure from Nicholas Lee, managing to hold off the Singaporean driver by 0.5 seconds at the end. Just behind the ‘unlucky’ Yokomo driver, Rocket Zhang finished the final just 0.38 seconds back and took 4th position, the gap from 2nd to 4th being covered by less than a second at the end of the 5 minute run. Young Xray driver Lao Min Hao held 2nd position early in the race but fell back to end the race behind Motor King in 6th.

「我的車子並不抓地」,JJ Wang對自己的Xray T4 2017不甚滿意,「起跑前放車損失了一些時間,讓我的輪胎不在狀態,但好在起跑後其他人都沒有跟上來」。手握一輪勝利而佔據先機的華裔頂尖高手會考慮在下一輪使用新胎,「舊胎已經跑了4輪」,而車架的設定方面則將保持不變,「但我會仔細檢查一下」。

‘My car didn’t have any grip’, said Wang who was not content with his T4 2017 saying ‘it took too long to set the grid meaning my car lost traction, but luckily after the start no one gave me any pressure’. With a win in hand the Chinese American will leave his setup unchanged and just consider trying new tires for the next run, saying ‘the old tires have been used for 4 rounds already’.

「這是我這輩子最驚險的一場比賽」,Serpent廠車手Felix Law心有餘悸道,「我很幸運」。明顯比他快一些的Yokomo廠車手Nicholas Lee在與勞敏晧纏鬥時發生碰撞,讓Felix借機上升到二車位置。之後在Nicholas的重壓之下,Felix不得不全力防守,但張方洲又與新加坡王牌發生小擦碰,給了Serpent高手喘息的空間並最終保住了第二名的排位。對於這一輪的車架,Felix感到滿意,「我又回到了第三輪預賽時的設定,RRS的調整和前滾動中心的抬高都很有幫助」。而關於輪胎的選擇,Felix依舊堅持使用他目前僅有的一套Sweep控制胎,「舊胎不是最快,但五分鐘內很穩定」。

‘This was the most exciting and scary race of my whole life’, was how Serpent driver Felix Law summed up his race and while still filled with adrenalin was quick to point out, ‘I’m very lucky’. While Yokomo team driver Nicholas Lee was obviously faster than the Hong Kong driver, he had a coming together with Lao Min Hao which allowed Felix to make his way up to 2nd position. Nicholas was however able to come back very fast and could put Law under huge pressure which meant he had to defend hard, a crash between Lee and Rocket Zhang giving the Serpent driver some breathing room meaning he was able to maintain his 2nd spot. Felix was very pleased with his 4X in the race saying ‘I switched the setting back to what I used in Q3, the adjustment of RRS and the raised front roll centre helping a lot’. In terms of tires, Law who was still using the same set of Sweep handout tires since CP1 ended by saying ’while the tires are not the fastest, they are very consistent over 5 minutes’.

「運氣太差」,極為遺憾的Yokomo廠車手Nicholas Lee說,「張方洲兩次撞到了我」。新加坡高手認為自己在賽前更換了更硬避震油的Yokomo BD8狀態極佳,但顯然結果不盡如人意。對於下一輪,Yokomo王牌考慮啓用新胎,「同時最好不要再被撞到了」。

‘Very unlucky’ was how Yokomo team driver Nicholas Lee summed up his race, stating he was very disappointed that ‘Rocket hit me twice’. Changing to a harder shock oil, the Singapore driver thought the performance of his BD8 was very good but his result was disappointing. For the 2nd main Nicholas will consider to use new tires but said ‘it would be good not to be hit again’.


Awesomatix driver Rocket Zhang was very pleased with his A800X, simply saying ‘the car is running very well’. Regarding the coming together with Nicholas Lee, the Shanghai driver explained ‘when the race started Nicholas went off the racing line a little and I accidentally hit him, and the second time was when we tried to enter the straight, Nicholas suddenly slowed up’. With the former National Champion’s result also affected by the incident he hopes the following round will be better, saying ‘my car is very competitive in the first half of the run so I will try my best to get a good position’.