June 4, 2017


Infinity厂车手Naoto Matsukura成功地将决赛发车杆位转化为一场胜利,在厦门三圈拿下了由Infinity冠名的CETC联赛第二站首轮决赛。在第二圈一度获得领先的Yokomo王牌Nicolas Lee却在第四圈和第六圈接连犯错,屈居本轮第三。Matsukura的Infinity队友Akio Sobue后来居上,以第二名的成绩完赛。从第八位发车的Xray厂电车手JJ Wang一路追击,虽然在最后几圈与劳敏晧的缠斗中损失了时间,但依旧在最后一圈超越“明日之星”劳敏晧,拿下本轮第四。Xray小将Dominic Quek以0.6之差惜败于Xray队友劳敏晧,排名第六。两位Awesomatix车手张方洲和Michael Lo分获本轮第七与第八。

Infinity Factory driver Naoto Matsukura has successfully converted his pole position into victory, winning the first A-main of the Infinity Modified class here at CETC Rd2. Taking the lead on the 2nd lap, Yokomo ace Nicholas Lee went on to make mistakes on the 4th and 6th laps and had to settle for 3rd position in this leg while Matsukura’s Infinity team mate Akio Sobue finished the race in 2nd. Starting from 8th place Xray team driver JJ Wang had been locked in battle with Lao Min Hao, finally passing the future star on the last lap, giving him 4th for the round, with Xray’s Dominic Quek only 0.6 seconds behind team mate Lao in 6th. The two Awesomatix drivers Rocket Zhang and Michael Lo would finish the race in 7th and 8th.

发车后未能快速拉开的Matsukura在第二圈就在操控台前的短直路上发生了轻微的侧滑,让出了行车线。虽然Infinity车手想竭力挽救,但依旧被Nicholas Lee借机超越。不过前世界冠军在仅仅两圈后就利用更好的车况拿回了头车位置,并将领先优势保持到终点。对自己的车架表示十分满意,Matsukura仅计划在第二轮决赛前换上新胎,其他设定均不作改变。

Failing to pull out a gap at the start, a moment on the 2nd lap for Matsukura resulted in him going wide and while he tried to close the door Nicholas Lee was able to slip by. With a visibly faster car the ex World Champion took back the lead in only 2 laps and was able to maintain the position until the end. Happy with his IF14, Matsukura only plans to fit a new set of Sweep handout tires for the 2nd main.

「我有一兩次小失誤」,雖然精彩超越Nicholas Lee,拿下本輪第二,但CETC的首站冠軍認為自己的操控仍有改進的餘地。對於第二輪決賽,他也僅準備使用新胎,不調整設定。

Admitting, ‘I had one or two mistakes’ Sobue was still able to pass Nicholas Lee in a nice move that gave the Japanese driver 2nd. Winner of the previous round of the CETC at AMA, he believes his driving still has space to improve and like team mate Matsukura he too will just fit fresh tires for the 2nd main and simply focus on his driving.


With his car not on form, Nicholas felt ‘the car is sometimes loose and sometimes grippy’, which explained the Yokomo driver’s lack of competitiveness in this first main. For the next the Singaporean will try to find out the problem and will also consider using a new set of tires.


‘The car was great, but I got hit right at the start’, the Xray driver feeling he also ‘took too long to get passed Lao’, this time spent behind his team mate meaning he lost contact with Nicholas. When asked about the 2nd main, the Chinese American explained that he will consider changing shock springs, remove the centre chassis stiffener and switch to a new set of Sweep tires.