June 4, 2017


多次世界冠軍Naoto Matsukura毫無懸念地贏得了第二輪決賽,提前問鼎由Infinity冠名的CETC聯賽第二站Modified組冠軍。他的隊友Akio Sobue則再度反超Nicholas Lee,拿下本輪第二。新加坡高手的Yokomo BD8在本輪依舊缺乏足夠的競爭力,最終僅以1.5秒的優勢力壓他的同胞、Xray車手Dominic Quek,守住了第三位。JJ Wang在本輪運氣不佳,僅獲第五,其後是全國青少年冠軍勞敏晧。在兩位Xray車手之後,從第九位發車的Xpress車手陳秋文將個人提升兩位,以第七名的成績完賽。Awesomatix隊友Michael Lo和張方洲則分獲第八和第九名。

Multiple World Champion Naoto Matsukura dominated the 2nd round of mains to take the overall win in the Infinity sponsored Modified class at the ARC International Raceway. Team mate Akio Sobue once again made the jump on Nicholas Lee and took 2nd for the round. The Singaporean’s Yokomo BD8 still lacked the competitiveness in this run and was only just able to keep fellow countryman Dominic Quek behind, albeit some 1.5 seconds back. JJ Wang once again failed to have any luck, finishing back in 5th with Chinese Junior Champion Lao Min Hao in 6th. Behind the two Xray drivers in 7th was Xpress driver Chan Chau Man who started from the 9th position.


‘I’m very happy, this weekend our cars performed very well’, said a smiling Matsukura, obviously enjoying his victory, continuing ‘with new tires the car pushed a little, but after a minute it was all normal again’. The Infinity team driver managed to extend his lead by the end of the race, eventually winning by a 2.8 second margin. Talking about the track the multiple World Champion was very content with the track conditions saying ‘the track was great, the size is perfect and the layout was very good’. The Japanese ace liking this style of track and feeling it was one of the reasons he excelled at this race.


‘I had one mistake’, but the ‘new tires are really good’, the round 1 winner still felt his driving was lacking somewhat. For the final round Sobue will not make any changes to his IF14 and with Matsukura sitting out the last final he hopes he can take the round win to secure the runner up spot.

Nicholas Lee對車架的表現很不滿意,「沒有轉向,沒有抓地」。雖然在賽前更換了避震油,但Yokomo車手感覺車架表現並沒有太大差別。僅剩最後一輪決賽,新加坡人必須在桿位車手缺席的情況下守住頭位才有可能保住亞軍位置。

Nicholas Lee was not happy with his car saying ‘no steering, no grip’, despite changing his shock oil the Yokomo driver couldn’t feel much difference with his car. With only one run left, and the Singaporean effectively on pole position he only has to maintain his position on track to take 2nd overall.

「我起步就被撞了」,Xray小將Dominic表示自己在比賽一開始就處於不利位置。「能夠守住第四位,我已經感到滿意」。在Sunpadow Stock組別中,從第五位發車的CETC首站冠軍丁房傑表現神勇,最終拿下本輪比賽,也將Stock組冠軍歸屬的懸念延續到最後一輪。Serpent王牌Stick King則輕鬆梅開二度,提前贏得Formula組的比賽,蟬聯CETC分站賽冠軍。

‘I got hit at the start’, Xray youngster Dominic feeling his race was compromised from the beginning, continuing ‘I’m really happy to maintain fourth place’. Elsewhere in the Sunpadow Stock class, starting from 5th on the grid, the winner of the stock class in Guangzhou, Ding Fang Jie had a great race and was able to come through to take the win in this leg to set up an A3 showdown. Serpent ace Stick King wrapped up the 2nd Formula main in convincing style to maintain his winning streak having won the season opener back in March.