June 26, 2017

CETC confirm JJ Wang for Rd3 in Shanghai

由 Infinity冠名贊助的 CETC聯賽組委會非常高興宣布,著名美籍華裔車手 JJ Wang將出席 7月 22至 23日於上海 RCI V2室內車場舉行的第三站賽事。在移居加利福尼亞州前一直待在上海,這位 Xray/LRP廠車手於廈門首度參加 CETC,雖受天雨影響但仍有穏健的開局,期望本輪比賽的成績將能有所提升。作為 CETC中第二場於室內舉辦的賽事,賽員將不受天氣影響,本次上海第三站亦同是 CETC首度於地氈場地上作賽。由於越來越多地區的知名車手參與,在未來數周我們將陸續公布車手名單,我們同樣期待能在優秀的場地為大家帶來一場精彩的比賽。


The organisers of the CETC presented by Infinity are delighted to confirm that top Chinese American racer JJ Wang will attend the 3rd round of the series at RCI V2 in Shanghai from the 22nd to the 23rd of July. A Shanghai native but now living in California, the Xray/LRP factory driver made his CETC debut at the previous round in Xiamen and will be hoping to build on his solid start at the rain affected race. With no such weather problems able to affect the racing at this the second indoor race of the series, Rd3 in Shanghai will be the first race for the new for 2017 CETC on carpet. With more high profile racers from the region, and further afield, to be announced in the coming days and weeks we are expecting this to be an awesome event at a great facility.

Racers interested in attending CETC Rd3 can enter the event by filling in the form here