May 17, 2017

Stick King to compete in Xiamen at CETC Rd2

在廣州舉行的 CETC首站方程式組別中力壓群雄,”棍皇”已確定將出席 6月 3至 4日於廈門舉行由 Infinity冠名贊助的 CETC第二站賽事。這位香港著名車手剛於上星期在意大利舉行的 ETS 第四站完成了 ETS的個人首戰。本次他將再次參加 Serpent方程式組別的比賽,同時亦會參與 Infinity Modified組別的賽事。


Winner of the opening round of Formula in Guangzhou at CETC Rd1, Stick King has confirmed his entry for the 2nd round of the Infinity backed series in Xiamen on the 3rd – 4th of June. The top Hong Kong driver will once again compete in the Serpent Formula class as well as the Infinity Modified class having just made his ETS debut at the 4th round of the series in Italy las weekend.

Racers interested in attending can enter the event by filling in the form here