May 16, 2017

Nicholas Lee confirmed for CETC Rd2

目前排於 Arrowmax華人積分榜首位的 Nicholas Lee已確定將會出席於 6月 3-4日在廈門舉行由 Infinity冠名贊助的 CETC第二回合的比賽。作為廈門 ARC國際車場對上一次電房國際賽的贏家,這位新加坡 Yokomo車手在 CETC於廣州的首回合後馬不停蹄,參加了在西班牙及意大利的兩輪 ETS比賽,Nicholas在參加即將舉行的 Reedy Race後將會回歸亞洲,參加 CETC的第二回合。


Current leader of the Arrowmax Chinese Modified class standings Nicholas Lee has confirmed his entry for Rd2 of the CETC presented by Infinity in Xiamen which takes place on the 3rd & 4th of June. Winner the last time ARC International Raceway hosted an International touring car event, the Singaporean Yokomo driver has been busy racing since the opening round of the CETC in Guangzhou, attending the ETS in both Spain and Italy, and will once again compete at the prestigious Reedy Race, before returning to Asia for the 2nd round of the CETC.

Racers interested in attending can enter the event by filling in the form here