March 26, 2017

梅開二度,Akio Sobue成為CETC首位分站賽冠軍

由Infinity冠名的CETC在今天下午於AMA室內賽車場決出了首位分站賽冠軍。Infinity廠車手Akio Sobue憑借超強的個人實力和一點點運氣拿下了精彩的第二輪決賽,提前一輪問鼎CETC的首個分站賽冠軍。緊隨其後,Sobue的隊友Naoto Matsukura做出了開賽以來的最快單圈,以同樣強勢的表現和最後時刻的「幸運」,幫助Infinity車隊包攬本輪前兩名。年輕的Yokomo車手Naoki Akiyama在這一輪數度有機會挑戰Sobue,但一些細小的失誤和最後一圈的嚴重錯誤讓他極為遺憾的屈居第三。Akiyama的隊友Nicolas Lee再次遭遇不幸的第一圈,最終落後隊友0.3秒完賽,又一次獲得第四名。Xray車手黃揆笙和Serpent車手Viktor Wilck分列本輪第五、第六,其後是三位中國車手李嘉瑋、賴燦熙和Ivan Lo。全日本冠軍Souta Goto在比賽進行到19圈時壞車退賽。

The CETC presented by Infinity has crowned its first race winner this afternoon at the Amazing Indoor Arena. With great skill and a little luck, Infinity team driver Akio Sobue secured the overall win with 1 round of finals to spare. Just behind him team mate Naoto Matsukura made the fastest lap of the event with a strong performance and some last minute luck which gave Infinity the 1-2. Young Yokomo driver Naoki Akiyama has several chances to challenge Sobue this round, but a few minor mistakes as well as a big last lap crash meant he had to settle for 3rd. Akiyama’s team mate Nicolas Lee had another terrible first lap, finishing the race in 4th place again. Xray driver Gary Huang and Serpent driver Viktor Wilck took 5th and 6th respectively, while behind it was three Chinese drivers Li Jiawei, Hay Lai and Ivan Lo. Japanese champion Souta Goto broke his car and retired on the 19th lap.


‘I’m very happy’, said a smiley Sobue clearly pleased with taking the win early, ‘My car is super good’. He also wanted to say thank you to his team mate Naoto, who unintentionally righted his car which had flipped. Having rolled, his Infinity team mate who was just a corner behind crashed into Sobue’s car, putting it back on its wheels and leaving Naoto needing to be marshalled. Following the incident, which the team mates had a good laugh about afterwards, the Worlds finalist calmed himself down and was able to finish the race with ease. Talking about A3, Sobue said ‘I hope that Naoto wins’ and when asked about the brand new CETC series, the Japanese ace didn’t hide his appreciation saying ‘the race is great!’ with his plan being to compete in all rounds this season.

做出開賽以來的最快單圈11.078,Infinity廠車手Naoto Matsukura表示「車子太好了」,而且「新胎也非常棒」。雖然已經無緣冠軍,但與Akio一樣,前世界冠軍希望能夠幫助CETC的冠名贊助商包攬首站比賽的前兩位。

Making the fastest lap of the weekend with a 11.078, Infinity team driver Naoto Matsukura simply stated ‘Car too good’ and ‘with new tire is also amazing’. Although he has no chance to win, the former World Champion hopes he can help CETC title sponsor Infinity take the overall 1-2 with a good performance in A3.


‘Car so good’, said a frustrated Akiyama. Unfortunately, having showing real good pace this leg, Akiyama broke too late at the end of the straight and slid of the racing line at the end of back straight giving up 2nd place. The 17 year old simply said, “I feel sorry for my mechanic”, the Yokomo protege working alongside Yukijiro Umino this weekend.

再度拿下第四名,Yokomo車手Nicolas Lee將問題歸咎於第一圈,「我又被撞掉了」。換上了新胎的Yokomo BD8讓新加坡王牌「感覺很好」,但前幾位車手並沒有給他太多追趕的機會。跟在最後一圈犯錯的隊友之後,這位在中國人氣頗高的華裔車手落後0.3秒衝線。

Taking 4th place again, Yokomo driver Nicolas Lee blamed everything on another bad first lap, saying ‘I have been hit again’. Putting new tires on his Yokomo BD8 for this final the Singaporean said the feel of the car is ‘very good’, however the drivers in front of him didn’t really give him any chance to get close. Following his team mate Naoki who made his mistake on the last lap, the popular “Chinese” driver crossed the finish line just 0.3 seconds behind.

在觀賞性頗強的Serpent Formula組別中,「棍王」馮偉賢駕駛ETS冠軍車架Serpent F110毫無懸念地再下一城,提前一輪將冠軍獎杯攬入囊中。

In the fun Serpent Formula class, which uses ORCA 21.5T handout motors, Stick King driving his ETS champion Serpent F110 chassis again won A2 with ease securing him the overall win with one round to spare.