March 26, 2017

巡航獲勝,Akio Sobue先聲奪人

由Infinity冠名的CETC第一賽季揭幕戰進入到了決賽階段。在廣州AMA室內賽車場,TQ車手Akio Sobue先下一城,在後車事故不斷的第一輪比賽中輕鬆巡航獲勝。落後Infinity車手三秒衝線,從第五位發車的Viktor Wilck拿下本輪第二;而落後Serpent王牌一段距離的全日本冠軍Souta Goto也從第六位衝上第三。本輪第一圈第一個S彎發生的嚴重事故影響到了預賽排名二、三、四位的選手;Nicolas Lee獲得了相對最好的結果,雖然一度跌落到最後一位,但最終還是以第四名的成績完賽,力壓Xray車手黃揆笙0.13秒;Naoto Matsukura則沒有那麼幸運,雖然奮起直追,但最終僅能收穫第六名,比中國電房全國冠軍慢了0.05秒完賽;最讓人遺憾的是Yokomo新人王Naoki Akiyama,這位車手在第一個S彎的撞擊中車殼被卡住,隨即決定收車以保護輪胎。

The opening round of mains is complete at the 2017 CETC presented by Infinity and it was first blood to Akio Sobue, who took the first modified A-main. In an incident packed race the Japanese driver was able to cruise around and take the victory by 3 seconds over 2nd place finisher Viktor Wilck, who started 5th on the grid. The incident didn’t take long to materialise as a crash involving the 3rd, 4th and 5th placed starters dropped all of them to the back of the pack, Nicolas Lee putting in the best recovery drive to end the race 6th, less than a second behind Gary Huang in 5th. Naoki Akiyama’s bodyshell got tucked in the coming together and he regretfully decided to pull up to save the tires.

受益於最大競爭對手在第一圈就選擇退賽,Akio Sobue以輕鬆的心態完成了首輪賽事。而這一輪的抓地繼續下降,也相對減少了操控上的難度。對於第二輪預賽,加盟Infinity不久的廠車手希望可以再接再厲,提前奪冠。

Benefitting from the retirement of his biggest rival on the first lap infinity driver Sobue took a very relaxed win. With the traction continuing to drop, this made the driving easier as the edginess from his car had been all but taken away. For the 2nd A-main the Japanese driver hopes to do it again and wrap up the overall victory early.

「前面都撞了」,Viktor Wilck感覺自己還算幸運,因為「我的車在這一輪攻擊性不足」。準備在第二輪前調整好自己的設定,Serpent廠車手希望一台更加激進的4X能夠給自己帶來好名次。

‘All drivers in front of me crashed, said Viktor Wilck who felt lucky as his car was ‘not aggressive enough this round. Planning to adjust his set-up ahead of A2, the Serpent factory driver hopes a more aggressive 4X, which features some new part, could bring him a better result.

Souta Goto依然將好成績歸功於前排車手們的事故。「我穩定的慢」,全日本冠軍如此總結自己在第一輪決賽中的表現。與世界賽季軍一樣,Yokomo廠車手也計劃調整設定來讓自己在下一輪更加有競爭力。這位16歲小將考慮增加1度Camber,並將避震行程加長。

Talking about his good result, Souta Goto gave all the credit to the accidents that befell those ahead of him. “I’m stable and slow”, was how the Japanese national champion summed up his first A-main performance. Similar to Wilck, the Yokomo driver plans further changes to his car to make it more competitive, the 16 year old looking to add 1 degree camber and make longer stroke shocks.

「起步那一圈,我的車子有些打滑」,Nicolas Lee認為自己外道起步的位置可能讓輪胎沾上了一點灰塵。他繼續說道,「我拼命往前趕」,但是很可惜,就在新加坡王牌認為自己逐漸進入狀態時「Naoto又撞了我」。帶著被撞癟的車殼,世界賽A組選手略帶遺憾地完成了比賽。對於第二輪決賽,他準備為自己的Yokomo BD8換上一套新胎,他感覺這可能是他的優勢之一。

‘My car was loose on the first lap’, said Nicolas Lee, who thinks starting from the dirtier outside lane might have affected his tires a little. Adding, ‘I tried very hard to catch up’, but when the Singapore ace felt his car was getting better and better ‘Naoto hit me again’. With a deformed body he was still able to finish the race, but with a car that was down on performance he wasn’t able to capitalise on the problems for his main competitors. For A2, he is planning to use his last new set of tires.